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One Person Company/Individual/Proprietorship

  • Incorporation of One Person Company

  • Conversion of existing business entities into OPC

  • Obtaining DIN / DSC (including PAN encrypted) for directors and professionals

  • Application for PAN

  • Application for Import Export Code

  • Application for License under Shops and Establishments Act

  • Registration as Service provider under Service Tax provisions

  • Registration under PF/ESI

  • Registration under Sales Tax provisions

  • Product Registration as Trademark, Copyright and Patent.

  • Limited Liability Partnership/Partnership

  • Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • Conversion of existing business entities into LLP/ Partnership

  • Private/Public Limited Company

  • Incorporation of public and private limited companies viz. company limited by shares or by

  • Obtaining licenses and incorporation of companies for promoting commerce, art, science, etc.

  • Incorporation of Producer Companies

  • Registration of foreign companies in India (Branch offices / Liaison offices / Project offices

  • Registration of Company with SEBI as Mutual Fund, Stock & Sub Brokers, Portfolio Managers,
         Venture Capital Funds, Merchant Bankers and other intermediaries

  • Registration of Company with RBI as NBFC, Primary Dealers, Assets Reconstruction
         Companies, etc.

  • Compliance Management Services

    Registrar of Companies (ROC)

  • Annual Return Certifications

  • Assisting in preparation of notices, agenda, minutes and resolutions for Board Meetings,
        Committees thereof, AGM, EGM, Statutory Meetings and reports thereof.

  • Maintenance and assistance for preparation of Secretarial and Statutory / Non-statutory
         records including Statutory Registers

  • Secretarial Audit Report for Public, Private & Listed Companies.

  • Alteration of MOA and AOA

  • Reconstitution of Board of Directors and committees thereof

  • Compliance of Public Deposits

  • Issue of share certificates including duplicate, splitting, consolidation, etc.

  • Shifting of books of accounts from one place to another place

  • Remuneration to Directors, their relatives and persons holding office or place of profit

  • Declaration and payment of dividend

  • Loans to directors, their relatives and other body corporate

  • Contracts / arrangements in which directors are interested

  • Compounding of various offences under the applicable Acts

  • Appointment / resignation / removal of Auditors

  • Preparation, certification and filling of various e-forms on MCA Portal

  • Various other compliances of corporate laws

  • Charge Registrations and search reports for Banks and financial Institutions

  • SEBI/Stock Exchanges/DPs

  • Corporate Governance

  • Reconciliation of share capital

  • Depository Participant Audit

  • Stock Broker Compliance Audit

  • Inspection Audit of Mutual Funds

  • Applications and Approvals

    Central Government/ State Government / Local Authorities

  • Increase in number of Directors

  • Office or Place of Profit

  • Appointment / remuneration / waiver of remuneration of Directors and Managerial

  • Exemption from attaching balance sheet of subsidiary companies to its holding

  • Change in the form and contents of the Financial Statements

  • Loans to directors, their relatives and interested parties

  • Declaration of dividend out of reserves

  • Appointment of cost auditors

  • Removal of Directors

  • Payment of interest out of capital

  • Condonation of delay in filing of forms with MCA

  • Other Applications

  • Registrar of Companies

  • Change of name/ object clause

  • Conversion of Public company to Private and vice versa

  • Extension of time for holding AGM

  • Change and extension of financial year

  • Commencement of new business not germane to main object

  • Declaration of a company as defunct/dormant company

  • Certificate of commencement of business by public companies

  • Obtaining copies of documents from the Office of Registrar Of Companies

  • NCLT/Company Law Board/ Regional Director

  • Shifting of registered office from one state to another

  • Condonation of delay in filing of forms for creation / modification / satisfaction of charge

  • Issue of Shares at discount

  • Extension of time for not issuing debenture certificate within 3 months

  • Convening AGM / EGM in case of default by the company

  • Repayment of unpaid public deposits including small deposits

  • Rectification of name

  • Contracts in which Directors and/or their relatives are interested

  • Licenses for incorporation of section 8 company

  • Removal of Auditors before expiry of term

  • Shifting of registered office from jurisdiction of one ROC to another

  • Compounding of Offence

  • SEBI/Stock Exchanges/DPs

  • Dematerialization / Rematerialization of securities

  • Audit and Assurance

    Cost Front

  • Maintenance of Cost Accounting Records

  • Issuance of Compliance Certificate under the Cost Accounting Record Rules

  • Conducting Cost Audit

  • Measuring Relevant Costs and Revenues for Decision Making

  • Budgetary Control

  • Standard Costing and Variance Analysis

  • Critical Path Method (CPM) and Project Evaluation

  • Review Technique (PERT)

  • Activity Based Costing (ABC)

  • Inventory Control through FIFO, LIFO and EOQ and Stock Analysis

  • Cost Volume Profit Analysis

  • Overhead Classification & Analysis

  • Waste Control and Management

  • Identifying Alternative cost

  • Using Cost control techniques and methods

  • Pricing Decisions & Profitability Analysis

  • Management Information System (MIS) For Planning, Control & Performance Measurement

  • Tax Front

  • Providing opinions (tax planning)

  • On-going tax compliances (advance tax, TDS returns, filing return of income,

  • correspondence with tax authorities, etc.)

  • Handing assessment and appellate proceedings upto CIT(A) level]

  • Conducting due diligences

  • Salary structuring

  • Applications for lower / nil TDS

  • Review of documents / agreements

  • Broad Transfer Pricing aspects, etc.

  • Closure of Business

  • Winding up of companies (Voluntary and Compulsory)

  • Liaison with office of Official Liquidator

  • Striking the name of inactive companies off register

  • Sale of existing business to other entities

  • Other allied services