about us

Corp Solute is a Corporate Advisory' firm which is committed in Protecting Your Interest while you do your business.
We provide advice on entry options, incorporation of Companies/LLPs, obtaining regulatory approvals from the Government including permissions from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board, the Secretariat for Industrial Assistance and the Reserve Bank of India.
We offer services across all stages of development to be experienced by a corporate entity from incorporation to start up funding to Initial Public Offerings.
We help businesses, organizations and Individuals to deal with the legal issues that attend successful growth, critical transactions and navigating the regulatory environment. We focus on possibilities, not limitations; and most important, we earn our client's trust.

Our Approach

  • Specialist
    Know that you are legally compliant. Our staff are fully trained in their respective areas. We use qualified corporate and commercial solicitors to ensure you receive the advice you need.
  • Experienced
    Knowledge is worthless without experience. our people have worked at the highest level in the City of Mumbai and beyond, so they understand the challenges you face every day.